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Anonymous asked
no shirtless mamoru in the old anime? don't you remember the S episode when rei walked in on him while he was naked, taking a bath? :D didnt we even get to see his ass? idk lol

OMG… you’re right! I think we only saw his back though and even that lasted like half a minute? haha idk I guess I need to refresh my memory about that… I need to rewatch the old anime sometime… (probably only after the new anime will be over, which will probably take a long time if they’ll cover all the arcs)

Anonymous asked
FMK: Mamoru, Bolin, Dean

I can’t bring myself to kill any of these so I’m making the K mean kiss. It’s very hard to decide but I think:
Fuck Dean, marry Mamo and kiss Bolin…
I know, I know, Bolin is like my #1 but… let’s face it, Mamo would probably be the best husband of these three, and as much as I love Bo/Dean I’d probably be more compatible with Mamo… and between Dean and Bo, it just seems to make more sense for it to go that way with each

Anonymous asked
What's your favorite type of cake and icing?!

cheesecake <3

Anonymous asked
Top three favorite songs

I think I have way too many favorites… (most of them are anime songs)
I can’t just choose 3 so I’ll only say I’ve been listening to (and singing) Moon Pride a lot lately - both in Japanese and this really good English cover:

Anonymous asked
Favorite pizza topping?

olives and onions

Anonymous asked
If you can live in a Video Game world (that's not pokemon), which would you choose?

wow that’s hard… I don’t think I’ve played enough non-Pokémon games to properly answer this… maybe I could live in a game like Harvest Moon just cause the life there would be peaceful and I’d be around animals

Anonymous asked
Free coke forever or free pizza forever? CHOOSE

Damn it, that’s hard but… coke! As awesome as pizza is, my addiction is coca cola