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i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem

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Sailor Moon Crystal ep 4 review:

- Somehow, Luna knows that Tuxedo Mask is Mamoru… how? I find that extremely weird for them to do that without any explanation, especially when Usagi still doesn’t seem to even suspect it…

- The Crunchyroll subs now use “Youma”, while the Hulu and Niconico subs keep on translating it as “Evil”

- Jedaite lives, despite that apparently the manga revealed him to be dead in this Act due to Sailor Mars hurting him before, so that’s a first big deviation from the manga (I still don’t expect them to change much cause that aside everything is mostly faithful)

- Mamo picking up Usagi’s handkerchief… it did seem like he was at least suspecting it but now he’s probably like 99% sure Usagi is Sailor Moon (god everything is so faster paced compared to the old anime dragging on the identity revelations… and everything else)

- Usagi is feeling tired and falls asleep, which leads into the kiss scene… In the manga and the old anime, she wasn’t sleeping, she was drunk

- It’s a bit creepy to think a guy would just come and kiss a sleeping girl like that… although she seemed to be at least half awake and aware and enjoying it… (and I guess the manga/old anime drunk thing was worse than that so oh well)

- Luna ruining the moment lmao… also, she tells him to get away from “Usagi”, despite her being in her Sailor Moon form… way to keep her secret identity secret, Luna… although I guess he kind of knew it by now anyway

- Next ep… MAKO <3

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