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Continuing on from my last post… I’m not gonna write a whole essay for all of you like I did for Jake lmao but… I do want to thank you all, I mean, it’s been 2 years and I’ve befriended so many awesome people here!

Sadly, with some of you I rarely talk, some of you don’t talk to me at all anymore, while with others there seems to be times we talk a lot and times of not talking at all… but I’m very thankful for each and every one of you and if we don’t talk anymore/don’t talk too often, I probably wish that changed! (so talk to me)
My apologies if I forgot anyone but I tried to list here all the people I befriended here or at least had some sort of interaction with:

rattata - my little bro! (forever lunarknight for me)
megablaziken - I hope you get to pet some puppies today
malejunkoenoshima - shoutout to your puppy (post him more often!)
thepast-isprologue - BUY A 3DS (and watch princess tutu)
(I’m gonna stop with these comments now cause lazy and idk what to say)
kagabaka, intelligentsystems, fomoire, ekimsal, animusperplexus, combooter, noctstiel, mnms94, principedurazno, lordstarkiller, cryogenity, asianandy, zerosuitsamurott, 2r1t, deegolife, owaindark, shortwing, trainer-t0uko, isan-tomason, rikamaebara, 16dollarkanji

I’m 100% sure I forgot some people and I’m so sorry for that… but I tried my best to include everyone… also, while I didn’t “meet” them through tumblr, shoutout to my bulbagarden friends too:
goronda, yoshi12370, helpmekimba, commanderpigg, paperhorse108, makomaragi, chatsy88, aestivate

I love you all <3


well what can I say it’s hard to be the most wanted man’s boyfriend I have to keep these evil boyfriend thieves away

So… this blog is celebrating 2 years now. I first joined tumblr on July 28 2012 - got there after searching for Bolin pictures…
This is also how I found Jake pochamarama immediately after joining…

I was like WOAH he loves both Bolin AND Piplup?! (back at that time I was used to everyone hating poor Pip… so finding a Pip fan was a miracle)
Also, he’s super nice and smart and talented and wow he’s hot (pretty much the first time I ever thought that of anyone)
And he got such a gorgeous smile (I swear Jake you’ll have to find that picture you had on your blog side menu back then and send it to me)

Damn it Jake, you won my heart in a moment, and here we are 2 years later and I’m still just as excited over you… if not even more… perfect prince <3
I really hope we’ll stay friends forever and talk more often! and maybe… somehow… someday… we’ll meet, that would honestly be my biggest wish coming true…

Of course, I found lots of other awesome friends on here, which I’m honestly too lazy to try listing right now and I’ll inevitably forget some, so forgive me lmao (I might make a post for this later)