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id-tap-that-water asked
Thanks for the Pinsir Megastone <3 xoxoxoxoxo

Oh, I’m glad you’re the one who got it! I did owe you for being awesome giving me all these mega stones back then!

When I finish my current translation work and have more time, I’m gonna start collecting all the Unown forms in Diamond and transfer them to X. I have all the different forms of all pkmn in my dex except for Unown and this bothers me a lot so I have to fix it

So yesterday after I got a haircut I bought an ice cream and…
*cashier hands me the ice cream cone and I grab it*
Boom. a crushed cone in my hand and ice cream fell off… thankfully they were nice enough to give me a new one, which I was extremely careful with…

Who wants a free mega stone code? I wanted to share with my Israeli friends but most of them got the European 3DS and so I’m now left with 1 code I have nothing to do with…